How does a brand root itself in consumers’ minds to become their go-to when purchasing? This article from Wharton details the human brain’s preference for the positive and gives insight into building your brand’s unique, memory-fueled “Connectome.” Here are our major takeaways:

  1. Strong brands don’t have to have one powerful idea or concept, rather they have to deliver on multiple “positive” associations.
  2. Addressing the positives is more effective than rebutting the negatives of a consumer experience.  This could be why “weight loss” messages are not seen as positive anymore
  3. Targeted consumer experience has more to do with the vehicles and environment you choose than the core brand message
  4. Multiple brand messages should be used provided they complement each other – this expands the brand’s meaning in the minds of different consumers.
  5. All brands have the potential to grow, no matter where they are in their lifecycle. Staying still and complacent will eventually lead to decline.  Keep moving!

Check out the full article here.