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Provisor Presents: Quick Assess

Today, the consumer shopping experience is dramatically changing. Brands need to move fast to stay relevant. As the year closes out, we know you need answers to prep for 2021, but may lack the time and funds for big budget research. How can you inexpensively and quickly gather the info you need to get answers to your most pressing business questions? Easy: Quick Assess […]

What We’re Watching: How AI Innovation is Transforming Retail

We had the opportunity to share our experience with AI and Accelerated Innovation at the CHPA Marketing Conference yesterday. This article shows another example of how developments in AI are impacting our industry daily. Imagine the data that might be collected from thousands of consumers in thousands of stores…providing insights on how they ask for […]

What We’re Watching: How a Brand’s Short-term Failures Can Equal Long-term Success

This article in Entrepreneur dives into how you can discover innovation success through a process of trial and error. In other words: don’t be afraid to fail. Failing fast and failing cheap can speed up the innovation process by providing much-needed lessons for improvement on future innovations. Try utilizing quick and on-trend research methods using Artificial Intelligence to gather “real […]

What We’re Watching: The Power of Positive Thought – Planting Your Brand in the Consumer’s Subconscious

How does a brand root itself in consumers’ minds to become their go-to when purchasing? This article from Wharton details the human brain’s preference for the positive and gives insight into building your brand’s unique, memory-fueled “Connectome.” Here are our major takeaways: Strong brands don’t have to have one powerful idea or concept, rather they […]

What We’re Watching: The Consumer’s Pyramid of Value

Creating value is always a hard task when developing and growing a brand in today’s crowded marketplace.  Focusing on the consumer, their “job to be done” and the emotional component of the brand all contribute to how much value the target consumer assigns to the product.  This becomes especially important for small and mid-sized brands […]

AI Learning – Sounds Scary – It’s Great.

We had the opportunity to run an online “AI” powered focus group last month on behalf of one of our clients. At every industry event we have been to this year artificial intelligence (AI) has been discussed: it’s imminent, intimidating and inevitable. When we had the opportunity to employ AI in a qualitative format with […]