C Squared: Build your brand to stand out on EVERY shelf

As the ongoing “new normal” keeps throwing wrenches into our work lives, we continue to miss talking all things branding with fellow industry professionals. This letter was designed to provoke an exchange of thought between the cognitive and creative in modern branding. We hope you’ll read and take something away from it.

The consumer’s path to purchase has taken many turns over the last two years, driven mostly by the pandemic. But where do consumers now expect to find and buy your brand? The short answer: many places. The long, more complicated answer: path to purchase is usually uniquely driven by product category and consumer shopping habits in that category.

Inspired by our recent project work, we wanted to see how consumers are shopping for brands in the Salty Snacks category.

We did some research using our Quick Assess tool, and were intrigued by the results. Click here to see what we learned.