C Squared: Be Meaningful to Today’s Multicultural Consumer

With today’s Zoom, social distancing, and WFH, we miss talking all things branding with fellow industry professionals. This letter was designed to provoke an exchange of thought between the cognitive and creative in modern branding. We hope you’ll read and take something away from it.

Through our years of experience in brand strategy and design, we’ve spoken with several brands that want to better understand the ever-evolving multicultural U.S. consumer. With the latest release of the U.S. census data, that task is more challenging than ever – in fact, US citizens who identify as two or more races has grown by 276%.

To explore this data point’s impact on brand strategy, we fielded a consumer survey of (125) self-identified multi-racial people to better understand their cultural perceptions of brands.

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Provisor Presents: Quick Assess

Today, the consumer shopping experience is dramatically changing. Brands need to move fast to stay relevant. As the year closes out, we know you need answers to prep for 2021, but may lack the time and funds for big budget research.

How can you inexpensively and quickly gather the info you need to get answers to your most pressing business questions?

Easy: Quick Assess by Provisor Marketing.

Watch the video above for a quick overview and demo of our Quick Assess process.

AI Learning – Sounds Scary – It’s Great.

We had the opportunity to run an online “AI” powered focus group last month on behalf of one of our clients. At every industry event we have been to this year artificial intelligence (AI) has been discussed: it’s imminent, intimidating and inevitable. When we had the opportunity to employ AI in a qualitative format with a quantitative sized group of respondents, we were both anxious and excited. The result was extraordinary.

Our client needed to assess and confirm their brand position and select a package design from four options to help them get to market fast. Working with our strategic research partner, Persuadable Research, we identified a new learning platform where we could gather 130 of our identified target consumers online for one hour. What made this especially unique was the use of AI to take the consumer’s verbatim responses and, using the program’s language learning software, immediately identify common themes and reactions to the package concepts. In a matter of minutes, we could see what resonated with consumers and, of course, what didn’t. We received thousands of affirmative responses to the winning concepts. Within 60 minutes we understood what resonated with consumers from a positioning standpoint (in their own words) and identified the preferred package design, which was NOT the one we’d thought it would be. And most importantly, we understood why they chose that design and the emotions it elicited.

Net: in just 60 minutes using AI, we were able to get quantitative data in a focus group setting, giving us confidence in the choices we are making to launch the brand. And importantly – its cost is roughly 1/3 of the cost of in-person focus groups, while yielding both qualitative and statistically significant, quantitative results. It’s not so scary after all. In fact, it’s amazing.

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