C Squared: Be Meaningful to Today’s Multicultural Consumer

With today’s Zoom, social distancing, and WFH, we miss talking all things branding with fellow industry professionals. This letter was designed to provoke an exchange of thought between the cognitive and creative in modern branding. We hope you’ll read and take something away from it.

Through our years of experience in brand strategy and design, we’ve spoken with several brands that want to better understand the ever-evolving multicultural U.S. consumer. With the latest release of the U.S. census data, that task is more challenging than ever – in fact, US citizens who identify as two or more races has grown by 276%.

To explore this data point’s impact on brand strategy, we fielded a consumer survey of (125) self-identified multi-racial people to better understand their cultural perceptions of brands.

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Provisor Presents: Quick Assess

Today, the consumer shopping experience is dramatically changing. Brands need to move fast to stay relevant. As the year closes out, we know you need answers to prep for 2021, but may lack the time and funds for big budget research.

How can you inexpensively and quickly gather the info you need to get answers to your most pressing business questions?

Easy: Quick Assess by Provisor Marketing.

Watch the video above for a quick overview and demo of our Quick Assess process.

What We’re Watching: How a Brand’s Short-term Failures Can Equal Long-term Success

This article in Entrepreneur dives into how you can discover innovation success through a process of trial and error. In other words: don’t be afraid to fail. Failing fast and failing cheap can speed up the innovation process by providing much-needed lessons for improvement on future innovations. Try utilizing quick and on-trend research methods using Artificial Intelligence to gather “real life” consumer learning in a way that’s fast, easy and forward thinking.

Always be sure to develop an integrated sales and marketing plan to be sure that your brand message is consistent both online and off. The goal? Make sure that 1+1=3.


Creating value is always a hard task when developing and growing a brand in today’s crowded marketplace.  Focusing on the consumer, their “job to be done” and the emotional component of the brand all contribute to how much value the target consumer assigns to the product.  This becomes especially important for small and mid-sized brands as their brand’s value equation (and associated story) can help it successfully compete with larger brands in today’s omni-channel retail environment.

This article from Wharton discusses the hierarchy of such consumer values (from functional to emotional to aspirational), providing a “scientific” method to the art of marketing to your target consumer.

Provisor News: Julie McPeek Gives Marketing Lecture at Cornell University

An active alumni of Cornell University, Julie McPeek is no stranger to paying the campus a visit for reasons both personal and professional.  Her youngest daughter Kiley is currently a senior at the university and both Julie and Kate have returned to campus several times since founding Provisor Marketing as guest speakers for Professor Deborah Streeter’s entrepreneurship class. This September, Julie will not only be speaking again in the AEM 3340: Women, Leadership and Entrepreneurship class, but will be a guest lecturer for the class Marketing for Non-Majors.  Julie will draw from her extensive career in the industry where she has advised over 80 different CPG brands.   “I’m looking forward to sharing my passion with such a large group,” Julie said.  “My greatest challenge will be narrowing down the curriculum.  I could teach a whole semester of this class and not run out of material!”  Julie’s guest lecture will take place on September 9, 2017 in the Call Auditorium in Kennedy Hall.


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